Sensahub by Sensavation

The Operating System for Sensors


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Sensahub adds intelligence to your Internet of Things by easily integrating and controlling sensors and transforming their data

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Define highly customised and personalised web and mobile screens to actuate sensors, display current and historical status of sensors and web services.

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Data Transformation

Take raw sensor data and transform real time into meaningful information by applying historical values, machine learning, alarm triggers and math functions.

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No Code

Drag and drop widgets onto a design surface, think Microsoft Powerpoint for sensors. Reduce effort and skills required to integrate sensors into applications using a library of plugins.

We imagine a world where solutions built on Sensahub can be delivered to market quickly to improve business productivity, benefit people’s lives, and remove barriers of entry for innovative IoT and IIoT solutions.

Sensahub has evolved from several years of development as a software platform to manage and process sensor data, applies experiences from enterprise software development and includes popular open source software components to create a world leading sensor management and integration platform.

Why Consider Sensahub?

The expanding ecosystem of the Internet of Things (IoT) can be confusing when deciding the best approach for your IoT solution.

Solutions that just view status and actuate sensors are interesting but the real power of IoT happens when you apply rich processing of sensor data streams with machine learning and cloud based services.

Sensahub has been developed to address a number of the issues with building, deploying and managing IoT solutions and can be applied to multi-industry scenarios as either the main application or behind the scenes integrated into your application.

We believe that the feature set of Sensahub can't be matched, making Sensahub the most powerful, flexible and easiest approach for deploying solutions leveraging IoT.

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Difficulties with IoT

  • Solutions incorporating IoT are complex, requiring network, hardware and software specialist skills.

  • Disparate standards for protocols and APIs make integration difficult.

  • Modern hardware devices activate functionality via their own inflexible and isolated apps.

  • Handling raw sensor data is cumbersome and usually meaningless unless processed.

  • Device management (security, provisioning, inventory) adds complexities.

  • Limited options for a rich multi-channel user interface for display and actuation.

Sensahub Solution

  • Sensahub functions manages IoT complexity (eg. protocol integration).

  • Plugin library for no code sensor integration. Minimal code required for new plugins.

  • Hardware functionality abstracted as virtual devices enables integration and ease of use.

  • Aggregation and transformation of sensor data flow from raw data to meaningful information.

  • Sensahub provides the security and device services for sensors and web services.

  • Mobile, web, API, watch and voice channels configurable by end users via drag / drop widgets.


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Application Platform

Sensahub uses Microsoft's .NET Core application platform to deploy to Windows or Linux hosts.

Scalability and flexibility is achieved using an asynchronous messaging event model. Microservices and Docker enables easy extensibility to add or adjust functionality.

A reusable plugin model is used to integrate sensors or web services and new plugins can easily be coded in a variety of languages.

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Cloud or Local

There are many cases where hosting Sensahub local to the sensors offers advantages over a cloud based system.

Sensahub is a perfect IoT gateway for edge or fog computing models and can run on tiny CPU class devices.

With Sensahub you can have the best of both worlds by deploying and processing locally before sending results to an ERP or the cloud, or deploy Sensahub fully in the cloud for single and multi-tenant solutions.

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Home Automation Examples


 Sensavation is a new Australian IoT startup business developing Sensahub to address market needs to make IoT simpler, easier and more effective.

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Dean is an Electronic Engineer and Software Architect, having spent 24 years with Microsoft as a Principal Consultant, Practice Manager, Sales Manager and recently responsible for operations and growth for Microsoft Services Asia business.

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Ross is an accomplished Software Architect specialising in designing and developing Enterprise Systems having worked with Microsoft Consulting and the Microsoft Partner channel along with several software startups.

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Fred is a Marketing professional and IT Consultant, with over 25 years industry experience working with major software vendors (Oracle, Microsoft). Fred has held a variety of positions including Asia Pacific Product Launch Manager, Marketing Manager, Client Executive, and Principal Consultant.


Sensahub is a universal IoT platform having grown from sophisticated home automation systems and now being redeveloped to be industry sector agnostic. Cross industry applicability is achieved with a proven architecture and powerful functions for a high degree of configuration / customisation to suit most industry IoT scenarios.

We intend Sensahub to be mostly used as the IoT engine for vertical market solutions, providing rich IoT services to a host application. This enables the vertical solution provider to focus on building the best vertical solution without the worry of specific skills and significant effort needed to properly integrate, control, process and manage access to external systems and data (sensors, web services and ERP/LoB systems).

Example Industry Applications

  • Manufacturing - Equipment monitoring, control and reporting.
  • Smart Buildings - Energy management for commercial buildings.
  • Smart homes - Integrate smart home devices into a unified dashboard portal.
  • Healthcare - Platform for managing sensors used in aged care homes.
  • Enterprise - Integration and processing of external data sources for business systems.



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Note this software is an earlier version and although feature rich does not include the graphical flow based processing and is different in some aspects (eg. written in VB.Net while production version will be .NET Core C#)

As a prototype there are bugs so if you are having issues installing it please contact us.

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Open Fog is a reference architecture for Fog computing and outlines a number of principles used in the development of Sensahub.

Interested? Want to know more?

Sensahub builds on years of experience developing automation systems using sensor and cloud services. There is interest in Sensahub for applications as varied as healthcare, energy management, industrial and home automation.

We expect to complete the updates to Sensahub by April 2018. In the meantime, we are keen to engage with potential customers and like-minded start-ups who may be interested in partnering with us, so if the vision for Sensahub is of interest or you just want to know more about it, contact us at and connect with Dean at LinkedIn.